Cafe Menu 

Come in for a bite to eat with the bakery goods at reach. We serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, pizza, quiche, and coffee. We  also have cozy seating and tables available for you. Don’t forget to leave room in your belly for dessert. View our cafe menu below. 

Breakfast Cafe Menu



Daily Toast

Our bakery bread toasted and smeared with a spread of cheese or a jam made in house topped with fresh seasonal fruits, nuts, and honey. Changes daily as we like to get creative with appetite. 

Quiche by the Slice

A savory and delicious pie slice made with a buttery crust, eggs, vegetables, cheese, and meats. Served with a side of greens drizzled with our red wine vinaigrette. Come in to see what quiche was made today! Vegetarian options are usually available. Want a full quiche? Fill out our order form and give us 24 hours to bake you a delicious savory pie. 

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Three eggs, mild cheddar packed between fresh made ciabatta roll. May substitute ciabatta roll with croissant or bagel for an additional charge. 

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Just like our Egg and Cheese Sandwich except we top off the sandwich with bacon for you bacon lovers! May substitute ciabatta roll with croissant or bagel for an additional charge. 

Pepper and Egg Sandwich

This is a bakery favorite. In a ciabatta roll is three eggs mixed with sauteed red peppers and onions. If that isn’t enough already we mix in some Parmesan that will melt in your mouth with each bite. 






Lunch Cafe Menu 


All lunch sandwiches are served on ciabatta roll or can be turned into a salad! 


Housemade pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula and hint of balsamic vinegar 

Turkey Bacon Club 

Oven roasted turkey, mild cheddar, bacon, tomato, arugula, garlic aioli, and Dijon mustard 

Capra Mela 

Goat cheese, apple slices, arugula, fig jam with a hint of balsamic vinegar 






We serve pizza by the slice with the same family recipe! Thick buttery crust and tomato sauce that will hit your taste buds just right.  Mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, peppers and onion, and other specialty toppings. Toppings vary on day so call us or come on in. If you want a full pan of pizza we require at least 24 hours to place the order. Give us a call or email us.  We’ll show you what we got! 

Bakery pizza

Annette Mategrano slapping on the sauce as she makes our pizza back when she ran the bakery for over 50 years. 




Whether you are looking for a caffeine fix, sweet sip, or bubbly fizz, we got you!

Drip Coffee 

We serve you the local Bridgeport Coffee Roaster’s Bubbly Creek Blend. This Fair Trade- Organic Blend is a full body cup with citrus notes. The perfect brew to dip our nutty biscotti in! 


We stay true to our Italian roots with Lavazza Super Crema espresso beans. This blend says it all, super creamy with a touch of honey, almonds, and dried fruit. Sounds like our daily toast in a cup! We’ll serve it how you like it; cappuccino, latte, americano, macchiato, iced, or just pure espresso power. 


A wide selection of teas is offered at Scafuri Bakery including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, and herbal teas from Four Elements. Fancy up your warm cup of tea to a Chai Tea Latte or Taro Tea Latte (seasonal). 

Other Drinks 

We serve decaf espresso, decaf coffee (weekends only), hot cocoa as well as fizzy Sanpellegrino mineral water and sodas. 


Check out our catering menu!

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