Almond Biscotti

Almonds are one of the key components in many Italian sweets.  Sweet cookies and cakes make the perfect compliment to the bitterness of the almond.  Our almond biscotti are one of a kind.  Many biscotti are crunchy to a fault, but these have a surprising amount of chewiness in the center.  Better yet, they are perfect dipped in coffee or hot chocolate.

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12 Cookies of Christmas is a daily series featuring the cookies at Scafuri Bakery.  These Italian classics are just like grandma made and available every day! Stop by the bakery to try the Cookie of the Day!

Day 1: Seven Layer Cookies

Day 2:Lemon Knots

Day 3: Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Day 4: Walnut Crescents

Day 5: Pignoli

Day 6: Cuccidati