Easter at Scafuri Bakery

Easter is one of the best food holidays for Italians. We pull out all the stops, both sweet or savory. The Easter table has everything you love. 

Italian cookies, including lemon knots, anise, biscotti and pignoli.

Sweet Easter Pie – a decadent pie filled with a ricotta custard and wheat berries. Described by some of our staff as “cannoli pie”. An Italian classic that many have never heard of. But we want to shout from the rooftops that La Pastiera/Easter Sweet Pie is one of the best things about Easter!


Out of town?

For those who don’t live in Chicago, or who live far away from friends and family – send Italian cookies and treats anywhere in the US through our online store! Order cookies by the pound or send a spring themed Easter Basket!

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Easter Bread

As usual, we’ll start with the bread. Easter Bread is a much loved tradition. A sweet, enriched bread lightly flavored with anise is braided into form and colorful, festive eggs are nestled inside. Traditionally this bread was meant to resemble a nest, hence the eggs. Now they serve as a pop of color and cause for celebration. Like most bread, but especially this bread, we recommend serving it toasted with butter for a most excellent breakfast.


What is in a name? Pizzagain, Calzone, Easter Pie – they all mean the same thing: a GLORIOUS savory pie full of Italian meats, cheese and eggs. This pie is a labor of love. We layer prosciutto and provolone along the bottom of a buttery pie crust, then we add Italian sausage, sopressata, salami, mozzarella, parsley, and hard boiled eggs into ricotta cheese, filling the pie with this phenomenal mixture. Topping this mountain with a latticed layer of pie crust, we bake this pie until it’s golden and bubbly. Pizzagain/Calzone is enjoyed either warm or cold – most people have a preference but we are just happy to eat it.

lamb cakes easter

Lamb Cakes

A sweet adorable little lamb made of rich, dense, vanilla pound cake, covered in a sweet frosting and adorned with ribbon, shredded coconut, and jelly beans. An easter dessert table centerpiece. 

You can also find other sweet treats such as easter egg cakes, festive cupcakes, and more!


Our online order form is now closed. If you’d like to place an order for Easter morning, please call 312-733-8881.

Thank you!