Wedding planning can be a source of excitement or stress.  On the one hand it’s your big day, the party to top all parties, a celebration of your love and commitment to one another. However, deciding on every detail, staying on top of timelines and budgets, navigating through wanted and un-wanted opinions – it can be overwhelming and exhausting.

If there’s one aspect of planning that you might as well enjoy, it’s the cake tasting.  You and your partner get to hang out at a bakery, taste cakes and frostings, and pick out dessert, which some would argue is the best part of a meal.


To help you prepare for your cake tasting, here are some helpful tips and advice to ensure you get the most out of your experience (besides an awesome cake).

Size and Servings

Before you go to your tasting you should know your estimated guest number, as most bakeries price cake based on serving number.  Three tier round cakes usually range between 60-120 servings, and a four tier can serve 115-170 guests.  Square shaped cakes provide more servings per tier than round.

Designing your cake

If you have pictures of cakes you love, bring them. If you want your cake colors to match your wedding colors, bring pictures or swatches for the cake decorators to reference. If you don’t know what style cake you want going into the tasting, don’t sweat it!  Use your time during the tasting to explore different cake styles and designs, your baker will help guide you through your options and have a portfolio of pictures of other work that they have done.

Think beyond the cake topper! Many people are now using flowers, silhouettes, flags, or creative salt and pepper shakers on their cakes to make them unique.

rustic buttercream with homemade topper


You should have a budget in mind, but don’t base your decision solely on cost. Find a baker who you can connect with and who will have a good sense of what you want. Most importantly, you want a cake that is going to taste great!

Extra sheet cakes and cupcakes are often less pricy than the tiered cakes; they can be a great cost-saving option.

Remember to ask about delivery and set-up fees, as those are usually separate from the cake price.

Rustic carrot cake with fresh flowers

Tasting cake

Be sure to taste different cakes with different flavors and fillings to find your favorite combination. There’s no such thing as an offensive cake flavor – so pick what you and your partner like, whether it’s vanilla-vanilla, carrot cake, or dark chocolate salted caramel!  It’s your wedding, it’s your cake.

If you can’t decide between two options and want to appeal to various palettes, remember each tier can be a different flavor of cake. One thing to consider is how you will be serving dessert.  If the cake is served to the guests at their table, it might be best to stick to one or two flavors, while a dessert table is a great way to give your guests multiple flavor options.  Either way, they’re getting cake so everyone will be happy.

Don’t like cake?

If cake isn’t your jam, opt for alternative dessert options. Consider donuts, mini-desserts, a milk and cookies bar, or a variety of sweets for your wedding dessert.

Have fun and happy tasting!

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buttercream five tier cake