Sfogliatelle - What is it?Sfogliatelle

The quintessential pastry of Naples. Pronounced sfo-li-ya-tell, it translates to “many leaves or layers” and is a flakey shell shaped pastry filled with a citrus ricotta filling, traditionally lemon or candied orange. Sometimes called “lobster tails,” sfogliatelle’s layers are created from rolling thin dough, refrigerating and slicing into pucks. The dough is then flattened and formed into a bowl shape and filled with the the ricotta mix. Folding the dough over the filling they are then baked and enjoyed.

According to Time Out Chicago, Scafuri bakery, has one of the best and the most authentic sfogliatelle in Chicago! They state, “…this is how sfogliatelle are done in Naples, which makes Scafuri’s version perhaps the most authentic in the city. With only a dusting of powdered sugar for sweetness, the sfogliatelle here wouldn’t be out of place on the breakfast table, which is where they’re often found alongside a strong coffee in Naples.”