Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with a most delicious pastry!

Zeppole, also known as Sfinge or St. Joseph’s Cakes are a most decadent pastry. Zeppole are made with pâte à choux, the same dough used to make cream puffs, eclairs, and churros. The dough is then fried, sliced and filled with custard or cannoli cream.  Of course, the confection is not complete without a cherry on top.

You can’t find these zeppole year round. Much like Polish paczki, zeppole are associated with a specific holiday, the Feast of St. Joseph. And we’re talking a feast. In the same spirit that the Irish don green and celebrate their patron Saint Patrick, March 19 is the day Italians around the world dress in red and feast in honor of St. Joseph. The patron saint of fathers, carpenters and pastry chefs is honored with lavish sweets tables full of breads, pastries, zeppole, fava beans, and many other dishes.

st josephs day bread

Another classic St. Joseph’s Day treat is St. Joseph’s Bread. This buttery, soft bread is shaped in intricate designs, representing Joseph’s staff, fish, and other religious symbols.  The bread makes a beautiful centerpiece for your St. Joseph’s Day Table, as well as a delicious breakfast or snack!  (Our personal favorite is toasted with butter and jam).

Whether you celebrate St. Joseph’s Day or just enjoy some delicious culinary traditions, make your way to Scafuri Bakery this March for some Zeppole and St. Joseph’s bread!

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