Scafuri Bakery has a rich family history originating in Calabria, Italy. Our patriarch, Luigi Scafuri immigrated to Chicago and opened Scafuri Bakery, which quickly became an integral part of a community, providing the neighborhood with its daily bread. Upon the untimely death of Luigi in 1955, Luigi’s daughter, Annette Mategrano, took over the business and ran the bakery, Annette's Kitchen, and Mategrano's Italian Restaurant over  the next 50 years. Annette was a revered and valued member of the Chicago Italian community. In 2008, Annette retired at the age of 90 and the bakery closed its doors.

However, the desire to reopen the bakery always remained and in 2010, work began to renovate the building, the original and only location of Scafuri Bakery.  The renovated space of the bakery has incorporated many of the old fixtures and pastry cases, as well as the huge rotating oven.  The Scafuri family achieved their goal and reopened it's doors in 2013 -- once again being an active member of the Taylor Street community. The bakery incorporates the original Italian recipes that were a neighborhood staple for over a century,  like our famous donuts and pizza bread, alongside new classics such as lemon ricotta pound cake and and almond filled croissants.  Our team at Scafuri Bakery welcomes you to be part of our family, and enjoy our breads, pastries, custom coffee drinks as well as beautifully-crafted custom cakes.  Come spend time with us in our bakery, or take our items home for a little piece of Italy.