A place of tradition

Scafuri Bakery has a rich family history originating in Calabria, Italy. Our patriarch, Luigi Scafuri immigrated to Chicago in 1901 with his wife, Carmella, his first child, Frances, his father, Giovanni, and his love of Italian bakery.

In 1904, Luigi built a lasting tribute to his native culture – Scafuri Bakery. The bakery was an immediate success and became an integral part of a community, providing the neighborhood with its daily bread. Through the bakery, the family experienced the ups and downs of American history. During the Depression, Luigi was known to give out bread to families on Saturdays. Over the years Luigi, Carmella, and their seven children all contributed to a neighborhood tradition that would last into the next century.

When Luigi passed away in 1955, his daughter Annette Mategrano continued the family legacy. She and her husband, Pasquale, ran the bakery and nearby restaurants for the next 50 years.  Annette like her father, was a revered and important member of the community, respected for her strength and generosity.  She was 90 years old when the bakery first closed its doors in 2007.

The Scafuri family never lost its drive to be a staple member in the Taylor Street community. In 2010 Annette’s great-niece Michelle decided to continue the family tradition and return Scafuri Bakery back to the neighborhood. She recruited her niece Kelly to run the business and serve as the head of the bakery. With their joint effort, the building and business were re-established at 1337 W. Taylor Street after 5 years of construction and preparation. In May of 2013 the bakery opened with family pictures on the wall and classic recipes stocking the shelves. Come visit our historical site and our fresh baked goods and join the Scafuri family legacy.


Scafuri Bakery: Then and Now


Annette demonstrating to a tour group in the bakery kitchen


Kelly with the original oven that we still use today!

Five Generations of Women

Michelle, Kelly, and Suzanne (Michelle’s Mom and Kelly’s Grandmother) celebrating our first year of reopening!